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ABOUT Aero-Pac

Aero-Pac wants to contribute to a future world that is cleaner, safer, and more efficient by providing innovative connection solutions for aviation today.
Our goal is to become an invaluable business partner to our customers and deliver to best products for our clients.
Our success rests on the core values we live by; Integrity, Reduce costs, Accountability, Performance, and Team Work.


Highly efficient – Low-cost manufacturing – Large stock – Leader in product innovation – Excellent customer service



Moving away from fossil fuel-powered technologies to electric-powered ones. In short, innovation and electrification GSE

Our purpose is to “offer everyone a better way forward.”

Customers are the center of our world, and we fulfill our purpose by making the perfect, reliable GSE.

Service is an integral part of the Aero-Pac DNA.

Our dedicated team of experts will help you to find the correct Towtug, Towbar and GSE equipment.




Our priority: to provide our customers with timely, dedicated, reliable and high value-added GSE in the safest environment.

We are proud about our Premium quality AIRCRAFT TUGS and ensure that all throughout the Design and manufacturing process, The Quality and Durability of your Ground support equipment is Top Priority. Every delivery comes with the right product and shipping certificates.

All production activities are executed under strict Quality Assurance procedures in conformity with CE – MIL-SPEC and ISO standards and regulations.



Our ERP inventory system keeps track of all raw materials and products on stock. TUGS are stocked in special containers to reduce the effect of environmental factors and we have large stock all over the world. Buy your GSE locally in Europe, United States, Asia, Africa, South America, or Australia. Send us an email to info@aero-pac.com and receive your products in a minimum of time.

Buy your Towbars , Tugs , GSE locally in Europe or in the united states, Asia, Africa, south America or Australia.

Tailormade solutions

At Aero-Pac® , we use our expertise in design and manufacturing to create innovative towtugs that solve problems and improve the lives of our customers.

Our GSE | TOWBARS | Towtugs are present in over 70 countries in the world.

A constantly improving our market penetration by establishing strong
and long-lasting relationships with our international partners.

Interested in becoming a dealer or looking for a dealer?
Contact: sales@aero-pac.com

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We do tailor made GSE solutions, Aircraft TUGS, power supply?